Posted on: Sunday, April 26, 2015

Summer Fiesta Table

For this summer table photoshoot I was practicing some still life and mixing ambient light with mounted flash.  The sliding glass doors in my dining room are to the right in these photos and to the left is 2 big silver reflectors.  I was shooting with a flash mounted on my Nikon Df and firing with a gentle strobe at about 1/128 power.  The light colored walls and white table cloth help to prevent shadows and I love this bouquet made with flowers from the backyard.  A few pieces here from my Fiestaware dish collection.  These dishes brighten up all the days and they're very sturdy…….I've only broken one or two over the years that I can remember.  Most of this collection came from Down to Earth home and garden shop in Eugene, OR.

Posted on: Friday, April 24, 2015

Shop Local, Casual Glamour shopping destinations in Eugene


It's no secret that I love to shop, especially for clothing, accessories, and home decor.  Over the past 15 years of living mostly around Eugene, OR, I've spent lots of time finding the best local shops to support my casual glamour lifestyle.  I'm not much of an online shopper, I'd rather be able to see, touch, feel an item, and I also like unique, one-of-a-kind items......which is why shopping in local boutiques, over the mall and amazon, has become one of my favorite past times.  Here is the list of my favorite local boutiques around Eugene, OR, see who made my list!

Due Donne:  Beautiful website and store located in the Fifth Street market.  Upscale women's clothing for real women.  Some of my favorite designers featured here are Red Engine denim, Three Dots, Red 23, Bella Dahl, White and Warren.  I run the instagram for the store, you can follow me there @duedonneboutique.

Melange:  Beautiful website and sign up for her mailings, they have plenty of coupons and promotions.  Beautiful store located in the Fifth street market.  Upscale women's clothing.  Some of my favorite designers featured here are Citizens of Humanity denim, Velvet, Hard Tail.

Freudian Slip:  Beautiful website and store in Fifth Street Market.  Upscale women's lingerie, body products, and hosiery.  Love the Chantel bras and Hanky Panky panties.

Passion Flower:  Beautiful decor and florist shop in downtown Eugene.  Love their quilts and linens.  

Ravenmoon Emporium:  Vintage home decor and florest in Whitaker neighborhood, website.  Great props for photoshoots, they did an amazing flower crown for one of my models once.  They also have some clothing, like my Wolf Child tshirt pictured above, made by a pacific northwest designer.

Oak Street Vintage:  Beautiful website and awesome store in a cool old building on fifth street.  Vintage furniture and home decor, beautiful vintage jewelry and clothing.  The vibe is very 1970's bohemian, just what I like!  You can see some photos I did of their vintage jewelry in a previous blog post.  

New Twist:  Beautiful website and shop in Fifth Street market.  Here find exclusive, unique jewelry lines, some of my favorites are Jamie Joseph, Alison Shiboski, Syndey Evan, Victoria Cunningham.  

Miss Meers:  Beautiful shop in Oakway center Eugene, as well as locations in Portland and Corvallis.  The best shoe/handbag store ever and now the Eugene location is carrying some clothing and denim lines as well.  Among my favorite shoe designers here, Frye, Hunter, Steve Madden, Sam Edelman, Matisse, Franco Sarto, Jeffrey Campbell.  

Pepperberries:  Website and lovely shop located on Willakenzie.  Boutique style kitchen store with great props for food photoshoots.  

Down To Earth:  Beautiful kitchen, home decor, and garden store with locations on Willamette and Fifth.  They have the most amazing collection of Fiestaware dishes ever!

Heritage Dry Goods:  Lovely vintage and new, home decor shop downtown, love their wool blankets.  And now they are also carrying the Wolf Child tshirt line, I picked up a couple of new styles there recently, they have the best selection I've seen anywhere!  They also have a website and love the lookbook.

ChaCha's Boutique:  This is a new Lingerie store that recently opened in Springfield and I'm excited about it since a friend is running it.  I know from following her social media there is some great things to be found in this local shop.  Website link.  

Posted on: Saturday, April 18, 2015

How to Pack and Prepare for Business Travel


I don't have to travel for work too often, but at least once per year (usually in warmer months) I have to attend a week long conference.  Over the years I've learned how to be best prepared for these trips and thought I'd share some of my business travel tips here.

What to wear:

It's best to plan all of your outfits, down to the undergarments and shoes.

Use neutral colors so that you can use the pieces all together.  For example, one pair of black, khaki, or navy slacks could be worn a few different days with a few blouses and one cardigan.  One pair of flats and one pair of sandals that go with everything minimizes the shoes you take.

Know the events you'll be attending so that you're prepared.  Usually I like to have slacks, flats, blouse and cardigan for the business day meetings (that are likely in a freezing conference room) and a dress or colored denim and sandals for the evening events (that are outside or in a restaurant and typically warmer).  I also will wear one casual outfit on the plane going to the destination and coming home, usually denim w light tennis shoes, a tshirt, and probably the same cardigan I'll wear with my business outfits.  I usually have one lounge outfit for the hotel room and maybe a bathing suit and coverup to wear at the pool.  Minimize jewelry, I usually just wear the same rings and necklace all week, no extra to carry or lose.

Make sure that the items you pack fit well and that you are comfortable in them.  That way you'll be at your best and make the most of your business trip.

What Luggage to use:

I use one hardshell rolling suitcase that fits in the overhead and one laptop bag and one wallet/clutch.  I can either check the suitcase or carry it on.  Most of the time, I just carry it on, and leave it plane-side when I board so I don't have to lift it into the overhead.  Because it has wheels, I can easily roll the suitcase through airports with the laptop bag balanced on top and save my neck and shoulders.  Inside my laptop bag is computer, phone, chargers, clutch/wallet, sunglasses, lip balm.  When I travel with camera equipment, I have a backpack that carries 2 cameras, extra lenses, and one computer and I use that instead of the laptop bag.  My hardshell suitcase is small, but I really never have a problem fitting everything if I plan and coordinate well.  One side of the suitcase holds all the clothes neatly folded or rolled.  The other side holds shoes, blowdryer, curling iron, and make up case.  I really make sure I only take the minimum of items and nothing extra.  All the liquids need to be in a ziplock bag anyway if you carry on. I go to Market of Choice and get small travel sized natural items, only things that I know I can't get at the hotel where I'm going.

Final Preparation:  

Shop for any missing items, give myself a mani/pedi, go visit my hairdresser for a trim are final grooming preparations.  I will also prepare for the business side by finishing any pre training work, preparing for meetings, and set goals for what I want to achieve on the trip.

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