Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Magnolias are blooming here in the Willamette valley and I couldn't resist taking a few blog photos by this big magnolia tree near my house.  I realized that I've been blogging since around 2009!  What a long way it's come and so many blessings it has brought to my life.  Out of the casual glamour blog came a personal brand, creative outlet, small business, and endless possibilities.  Wearing Press sweater and Mother denim jeans from Miss Meers.  Dylan hat from Heritage Dry Goods.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Mother Denim

Took these photos around Fall Creek Oregon last week.  The place has a sort of lonely look with the water being so low right now, still beautiful.  Effortless casual glamour style always starts with a great pair of jeans....these ones by Mother denim do not disappoint!  Scored at Miss Meers in Eugene.  Don't you love it when you raise your vibration high and everything starts to go well and new opportunities bloom and there is nothing to think of but all the blessings.  May you all have a beautiful week!


Sunday, February 18, 2018

Using Speed Lights for indoor Wedding Photography

Much of wedding photography involves making the best use of the equipment you have for the light situation at hand.  In this case, a small intimate indoor home location in the evening.  I chose to use my best widest prime 50mm lens on the Nikon Df (which rocks in low light) and use two speed lights.  One was mounted on the camera and one was set up off camera diffused with an umbrella.  My goal was to capture the details without too much grain and still maintain the mood of the scene.  Natural light is always wonderful....but when you have to capture the moment even when there is nothing but dim overhead incandescent lights, speed lights can make all the difference.  I find the clarity and color of my indoor shots are so improved.  Sending blessings to all!

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