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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weekends in Seattle

Some comments on the blog recently have been about where I live.  Pics on this blog before April 2013 were mostly near Detroit, MI.  Since then, I've been living back near Eugene, OR, but I spend a lot of weekends near Seattle, WA with Jimmy.  The weekends in Seattle are always romantic, filled with lots of vegan eating, exploring the city and surrounding areas, hiking, and taking pics.  Here are links to recent blog posts with pics taken around Seattle:  "Dog's Life", from Lincoln Park, "Into the Wild", at Evans Creek near Redmond, WA, "Rattlesnake Lake" in North Bend, WA.  Today's post is some more photos from Washington, this moss covered stone footbridge in Seattle was the perfect romantic valentine's day adventure.  We also went hiking on Chirico trail in Issaquah, WA.  And the last pic is another footbridge near Snowqualmie, WA that I adore.

Outfit: peace, love, world tshirt and Red Engine jeans from Due Donne // Emu boots from Miss Meers // American Apparel flannel



  1. It is neat to find out a bit more about you and where you are now. These are gorgeous photos. Even though I like the outfit, my favorite photo is that first one. DO you know the mother and son? It seems like a sweet shot.

    1. thanks for your comment! I didn't know the mother and son, but they saw me taking pics and smiled and said how much they liked this spot.

  2. These are BEAUTIFUL photos- the one on the bridge look so dreamy. and this is such a fun place to stroll through- i also really like how you used the plaid shirt as a blazer of sorts. very cut idea!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. I always wondered where you took your beautiful photos, you have a talent for finding the most lovely settings. Love your outfit and that first photo is so sweet xo

  4. love the pictures of you! you look so effortlessly chic. Loving the landscape pics too.


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