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Friday, March 21, 2014

spring color palette

The past couple of weeks I've been reading and thinking a lot about color theory.  I found this great blog with amazing photoshop tutorials, here.  I followed the tutorial on creating a color palette to create the image above of me wearing a Wolf Child print T.  The idea is, you take an image and then use the colorpicker in photoshop to extract 5 color samples from the image, painting the colors into the squares below the image.  This got me thinking about how you could then use those colors to create graphics and so on to match your webpage for example.  Since then I've started to look at every magazine cover differently and see how color palettes could be really useful.  This project also took my mind back to art class in gradeschool where you learn about the color wheel and primary, secondary, tertiary colors.  Started reading about using complementary colors and further, enhancing those colors within an image using photoshop.  It all about blew my mind up......there is always something new to learn in photography, but I guess that's why it is so much fun!  Created another spring color palette below with this pic I took of the magnolia's last weekend.  Spring is in full swing here in western Oregon.  Aren't these color palettes from nature just the most magnificent of all?!



  1. These photos are so pretty and this is such a great idea. Also I want to be where your photos are!

  2. What a fun idea to take a color palette from a nature photograph like that.

  3. fun post, and gorgeous pictures as always:)
    XO, Gina


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