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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

beautiful mind

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on converting a room in my rental house into a small natural light studio.  It is basically just a small square room w two large windows facing west and north.  I painted the room white and hung up this cool star light from Urban Outfitters in the corner.  To test out the studio, my beautiful and talented friend Beth, came over and brought some of her artwork for me to shoot.  We had a blast, it's amazing how creative you can be when you only have a small amount of space to work in.  And it was a true test of the lighting in the space since it was a rainy, cloudy day out and we mainly used the light from the windows, although the star light lit up the corner, and I also set up 2 silver reflectors to reflect as much light as possible onto Beth and her art.  Shooting on this day with both the Nikon Df and the D800, mostly open wide between f1.8 and f1.4 since the conditions were dim.  Beth has the most beautiful mind and she inspires me so much to be creative.  There are just a few pics of her pieces in this blog post, but there are so many more!  And not only does she paint canvas, but also items like shoes, skulls, furniture, belly casts, and much more!  She does custom pieces too (like the painting for me in the background above).  You can contact her through her website for more information:  



  1. Great photos and great artwork.

  2. wow your friend is amazingly talented!! and the pictures are esp impressive being indoors and on a rainy day! i can never even get indoor shots to look decent on a sunny day. i adore that pic of her holding up her skull artwork in front of her - so fun!


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