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Monday, May 26, 2014

selfies, buttercups, and Wolf Child tees

A couple of blog selfies I took this weekend near Seattle, in a field of buttercups, wearing a Wolf Child tshirt.  Taking selfies for the blog is actually how I learned to be a photographer.  I use a couple of different methods to do it, most of the time with the self timer setting on the camera and sometimes with a remote control.  The self timer method is probably the best one since when using the remote, you don't always get the focus point exactly where you want it, and you have to hide the remote in your hand when the shutter goes off.  Using the self timer is usually more effective.  What I do is first set the camera up on a tripod and frame the picture.  I set my camera bag down where I'm going to stand in the frame and set the focus on the bag, or like for these photos, since Jimmy was there with me, I have him stand in the frame and I set the focus on him.  Then, switch the camera to manual focus so that the focus point I've just established doesn't change.  After that, I set up the timer on the camera to take 7 shots for example, with 3 seconds in between (look for the self timer setting or interval setting on your digital camera).  I press the shutter button and jump into the focus spot and then I can pose for 7 shots at a time.  I still waste a lot of shots, but it is so empowering being able to take your own selfie photos and you will learn so much about your camera in the process.  These were taken with my Nikon Df and 50mm lens, f2.8, ISO100, 1/1000 shutter speed.


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