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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

cowgirl style

Here's my beautiful sister in law with her horse, in Montana, riding bareback, and using only a halter rope, no bit or bridle.  Dorothy is wearing an Elan Clothing cardigan from The Root boutique in Bozeman, MT and Frye boots.  Shooting high action like this can be tricky.  Dorothy and I practiced with Bella last summer as well, see those photos in a previous blog post.  I found the best thing to do is to direct Dorothy right where I need her to be so I can have her and Bella fully in the frame.  Then she made big circles heading into the frame where I directed her.  I was shooting at a fast shutter 1/500 at f4.5 with my 85mm.  As soon as Dorothy and Bella were heading into the magic spot I would start firing with continuous shutter.  It took a few takes, but finally got the picture above, with Bella at a fast trot, and her and Dorothy's hair both flying :).  Great riding by Dorothy, it could not be easy to keep up that posture, hold on and direct Bella where to go.  Happy New Year everyone!


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