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Monday, May 11, 2015

Career Series: Tips for Women in a Corporate Job

tips for women in a corporate job

Career Series:  Tips for Women in a Corporate Job

This is the third post in my career topic blog series which has been a lot of fun and popular so far.  As I think about it, the tips in this article may be good for women who work in a Corporate job, or any type of job or career, even those who are self-employed.

Work Hard but be effective:  Women are some of the most productive and resourceful people I know.  Success happens when you focus on the job tasks that align with the business mission.  If you're in a corporate job, these are the job activities that will contribute to your quota/objective/paycheck.

Be the Best at what you do and Share your Knowledge:  Perhaps there is something to be said for sticking with a job long enough to really get good at it and know every aspect. Then, share your knowledge to help others succeed as well.

Do what you say you will do:  Quite simply, deliver on what you say you will, this will build trust with your clients and coworkers.

Be Sincere:  Be kind to others, give people the benefit of the doubt, be present in your interactions, listen and engage.

Manage Your Time:  Don't let time manage you.  Focus on what matters, don't multi-task as much, and be more mindful to each task you are doing.  Also, make time for you, that is one investment of time that will pay you back through peacefulness and allow your creativity to flow.

Be Professional:  Strive to be impeccable in communications, dress, and manner.  You should still let your personality show, but always maintain.

Set boundaries/expectations:  This one has taken me a long time to get, but it works.  If the job task doesn't contribute to your quota/objective/paycheck, it's probably not a priority.  Make it clear to others what your objectives are and that really helps them to understand where your focus is and what you're motivated to do.

Don't let go of your Femininity:  Women are such beautiful, caring individuals and so don't be afraid to let that come through, in appropriate ways of course!  Bring your beauty and positive view on life into your work and I promise it will only benefit you.

Support Other Women:  Support the other women at your job or in your field.  Have each other's backs and celebrate the uniqueness of each.

Build Respect:  Do what you say you will do, deliver consistent results/stats, maintain professionalism.

Realize you can't please everyone:  Don't beat yourself up over the ones you can't please.  Just keep focus on the positive interactions and the ones that work for you.  Be resilient and flexible.

Keep things in Perspective:  There are always going to be things we can't control in work life, so don't sweat them.  Focus on what you can impact, and what will ultimately contribute to your paycheck.

Get a Hobby:  Work life is a lot more bearable when you have plenty of family, friends, and creative activities to balance it out.  Photography and blogging have made me so much better at my corporate job simply because the creativity makes me happy, uses another part of my mind, and keeps me learning new skills.

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  1. Perfect, as usual my friend. Gentle reminders to edify each other.

    1. Thank you for supporting the blog and for being a wonderful friend Theresa! xoxo

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