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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blue Hydrangea

blue hydrangea

In love with the blue hydrangeas in my backyard this year!  They seem to match perfectly with the blue, chambray, and turquoise colors that are so on point this season.  I couldn't resist styling the flowers in photos with this turquoise and blue print Sanctuary clothing blouse.  I also practiced some floral stillife photos, styling with a new Fiestaware plate.  The floral stills have a sort of moody look to them since I used a dark grey wood background, and took the photos towards the end of the day in a deeply shaded area of the backyard, up against a wooden fence.  I really wanted to bring out the deep blue of the flowers against the cool colored lower light background.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!  I've been working on few home decor projects, hope to share on the blog soon.  What fun projects have you been working on this summer?!

blue hydrangea

blue hydrangea

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