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Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday Mood

These photos should put you in the mood for the holidays!  The portraits with the twinkle lights I took of my friends last weekend.  It was quite a set up in my tiny house……basically I created a backdrop of hanging white christmas lights against the white dining room wall.  My friends are sitting on the dining room table, to their left is the sliding glass doors letting in natural light.  To their right I set up an off camera flash firing through an umbrella.  A few feet in front of my friends more white lights hanging, over my kitchen bar.  Then I'm standing behind the bar and firing the camera through the lights.  The moody stillife of burning sage and roses above was taken on the same dining room table, except I have a black flat as the background and another black flat on the shadowed side, creating a darker moody feel.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!


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