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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Painted Hills Oregon

Painted Hills Oregon

I finally made it out to the Painted Hills.  So many of the photographers I follow have done photoshoots here and I've been meaning to see it for myself.  It's way out in the middle of nowhere, so makes it quite a commitment to do the drive.  Loved it so much and would love to do a styled shoot out here sometime.  For today, you just get me in my Rails flannel shirt from Miss Meers in Eugene.  These shirts are so amazing, beautiful soft fabrics in the most feminine cuts and colors.

Painted Hills Oregon



  1. SO gorgeous! A styled shoot, you say? We have a lot of really pretty jewel tones at FS right now that would probably look pretty cool against that backdrop...just saying! : )

    1. Hi Megan!! Isn't it amazing! I am looking forward to our next project and wouldn't it be awesome to get out here sometime?! See you soon xoxo


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