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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Tips for Photoshoot Locations

It's been such an amazing fall season for portraits!  I am so grateful to live in beautiful Oregon where we have so many unique photoshoot location options.  But honestly, location doesn't have to be complex.  As can be demonstrated with samples from this Springfield high school senior shoot with the beautiful Cielo.  We took these photos all within close proximity to each other.  The red and gold colored backgrounds were in a parking lot.  The green trees were on the side of the road.  The field of dried flowers was beside a parking lot with the highway in the background.  Here are some of the main things I look for in locations:

Accessibility:  I like for my clients to be able to drive easily to a location and park and not have to go far.

Look for low color and texture:  I look for trees with low hanging branches or building walls with interesting textures.  I'm trying to add interest to the photo at the same level as the person.

Use background to frame:  Whatever light or objects or patterns I have in the background I'll try to use that to frame the person in the portrait in an interesting way.

Position the person well for the light:  For portraits I like to use the shade of buildings or trees.  You can even use surfaces like sidewalks to bounce light softly into the subjects eyes.  If you are in bright sun position the light behind the person.  I also like to use a reflector to fill and bounce light gently into the eyes.


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