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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Pursuing the Unposed Family Portrait

My favorite portraits from family sessions are the in between moments that I capture, the more unposed style.  Over time I've developed a technique to achieve this.  I definitely plan out my shoots if possible, scoping out beautiful places with good light and colors.  But when I bring the family to the location, I'm not really posing, but simply placing them together in a strategic way.  I'm trying to create an experience where they can interact together.  I ask them to tell stories about how proud they are of their kids or how long they've been together.  Providing simple cues as their emotions come fourth...asking them to look at each other or touch each other, hug, or suddenly all look at me once they are all laughing about something.  Tickling the kids.  Using movement such as them all walking towards me.  Here are some beautiful moments from a recent family shoot.  These were all taken around downtown Eugene.  Showcasing this stylish family, some of my favorite murals in town, and the Peter DeFazio bridge.

Sometimes pirates show up and get in a shot or two, incorporate what's there!  Look at those genuine smiles!



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