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I'm so excited that you are interested in my photographic work!  I've been shooting portraits and weddings and blogging for 10 years now.  It was a journey I never expected to happen but turned into the most wonderful gift of my life.  It's important to me to stay up with technique, style trends and technology. I use full frame digital camera bodies and prime lenses.  I am highly skilled in using and directing natural light.  I also use on and off camera flash set ups to create studio and versatile wedding lighting.  Images are finished in photoshop and edited in a warm airy style.  Prints and products available from a professional lab ensures the finest quality and color.

Portrait photography involves so much more than all the technical aspects though.....When you hire a photographer it is for their eye, their ability to catch your vibe, to create an experience, to see light, to create art, their talent in capturing memories that last beyond this lifetime.  At my father's home is a huge wall of framed printed photos.  Black and white film photos of my great grandparents on their wedding day, all our cousins and friends, my brother and I with every dog, cat and horse we ever had growing up.  Whenever we go to Dad's house everyone gathers around the photo wall and points and laughs.  This is his legacy.  These are our memories.  This is what I want to give people with photography.

Process:  If you are interested in booking a shoot, you can reach out to me by email or message me and we can start to talk over your vision and decide on a location(s) and timeframe.  I will also send you more details on the packages I offer and how to firm up your booking.


Photography Services currently offered:

I love weddings so much, the emotions and the uniqueness, the dresses and flowers, all the cake and all the love!  I also take it seriously and use a shot list and a process to ensure I capture all the moments as creatively and beautifully as possible.

Small wedding/elopement:  less than 20 people, 4 hours coverage, one photographer, all digital images, starts at $500

Basic wedding coverage:  more than 20 people, 6-10 hours coverage, one photographer, 20 page printed album, all digital images, starts at $850

Premium wedding coverage:  6-10 hours coverage, two photographers, 20 page printed album, all digital images, starts at $1200

Branding Photoshoot:
Branding is so important these days and this is one of my favorite portrait categories.  I've photographed everything from musical groups to boutique fashion and especially one-one personal branding has become a specialty.  I'll help you create the perfect shot for your business website, linked in, facebook, or dating profile.

For branding I will assess each job individually based on if it involves a group or one-one.  Groups will be priced based on the number of people and time.  One-one personal branding will be offered in three packages; headshot mini, basic branding, premium branding.

High School Senior Portraits:
Love connecting with the young men and women of our community!  Such a milestone in life and a great moment of youth to capture.  I'll make sure you have the perfect yearbook shot as well as some fun and creative variety.

Basic:  1 hour shoot, one location, two outfits, all digital images, starts at $150

Premium:  up to 2 hours, multiple locations, multiple outfits, all digital images, starts at $200

Family Portraits:
Family is the most precious thing in life.  I love connecting with families and showing all the love they have.  It's like therapy when you see your family photos because it shows you the beauty you have created in life.  For family shoots I like to do outdoor natural light photos in a relaxed beautiful setting.  I take you all through a series of simple setups and have you interact together so there are plenty of posed shots as well as candid shots.  

Starts at $150 for up to one hour.

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